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Imagine your worst fear a reality with this brand new 4K 40th anniversary restoration of The Howling, approved by Director Joe Dante (Gremlins). With ground-breaking special effects by Rob Bottin (The Thing, The Fog, Total Recall), The Howling has been stunningly restored for a new generation of horror fans. Graphically violent, sexually explicit and nightmarishly intense, it remains one of the most original werewolf movies of the eighties. After an intense confrontation with a serial killer, news anchor Karen White (Dee Wallace) is left traumatised and suffering from amnesia. In need of recovery, Karen takes refuge within “The Colony”, a country retreat organised by her psychiatrist Dr Waggner (Patrick Macnee). But things at “The Colony” aren’t as idyllic as they originally seemed and as blood curdling screams break the midnight silence, Karen’s memories slowly begin to come into focus.


4K UHD – Feature Only

BD Features

• Inside the Career of Joe Dante – Brand new featurette that celebrates the incredible career of Joe Dante

• Welcome to Werewolfland – A lookback into the special effects of The Howling

• Deleted Scenes

• Outtakes – These outtakes will leave you howling!

5 Artcards

20 page booklet – Includes original press kit, new stills and essay


Dee Wallace